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War Equals Fish - shots

for old times sake heres the best of what we were

Nath Thompson - practice late 2004

Dave Harrison - with hair, along time ago

Tom Larthe de Langladure - practice december 2004

Andy and Tom - house party that happened and no one remembers

James Long - practice, sept 2004

James L, Jonny C, rat pack 2004

Nath and Andy - full swing @ practice december 2004

Dave and Andy - pop idol finnalists 2004

Live @ the Lord Collingwood March 2004

tre grit, collingwood live

Dancing like they always did

in full flight, lord collingwood rocks out

Nath - the usual look yet again

more Collingwood live

Nath - Fish Tank gig 26th Feb 2005

WEF at the Fish Tank (26th Feb '05)

WEF (26th Feb gig at Fish Tank)

sold out fistank gig (26th feb 2005)