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12th March 2006

In Their Honour / last show WILL GO AHEAD 2006 

WOW, this place does still exist and yes its been over a year now since War Equals Fish called it a day, over 7 months since anything was ever written on this website and just over 4 months since i was last in the North East,,,, thats about to all change...

i write this from the bottom of my heart and say that this band did not deserve to end the way it did and stop on the last show we played, there was more due, more inside in fact about another 15 songs worth that we owe ourselves and our very close mates to play for one last time. i havent spoken to any of the guys about this yet but they will be directed to this page in due course. im hoping that we can arrange a final show to take place sometime this summer in Newcastle , maybe even possibly another 2 in Manchester and West Cumbria, these are all plans im provisoning at the min, who knows in 18 months time when i return to the north east what will happen.. if and i pray it does happen then the plans will be posted on here months in advance to keep folks posted... watch this space.. it may be moving


nath wef



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